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Chicken Flavor 6309

Product name and model: Chicken Flavor 6309
Ingredients: Chicken, Eggs, Alcohol, Salt, Water, Food flavorings, Vitamin E, Guar gum, I+G
Characteristics: Yolk yellow to yellow, paste
Description: With strong braised chicken flavor.
Packaging: 20kg/drum
Net weight: 20kg
Applications and dosage: Widely used in meat products, chicken essence, compound seasoning, sauce sachet for instant noodles, seasoning of snack noodles, bakery, frozen food, snacks and so on.
1) Meat product: (high / low temperature) sausage: 0.15-0.2%; sauce and halogen products (pickled chicken claw): 0.2-0.25%
2) Chicken essence: 0.5-2%
3) Compound seasoning: 3-15%
4) Sauce sachet for instant noodles: 3-5%; snack noodles: 5-10%
5) Frozen food: 0.1-0.15%
6) Snacks: 0.2-0.3%
Usage: Added directly or well mixing with other materials after diluting with water.
Food safety and quality: To assure the safety and quality of products, the plant operates under a continuous HACCP plan.
Shelf life: 6 months after date of production in unopened containers
1) Stored below the temperature of 25℃, kept in cool and dry conditions, be prohibited to transport or stored with harmful, poisonous goods or with strong irritation smell.
2) Please use it as soon as possible after opening, if you can not use it out at one time, please keep the rest sealed in time from deterioration.
3) There might be darker in color or slight layered in shelf life. It is normal phenomenon and will not affect the flavor of the products. You can use it normally after well shaking or sieving.
4) It might gel in winter and difficult to pour. It is a physical property and a normal phenomenon. Please put it into warm water, 40-50 degrees, for 5-10 minutes and you can use it after shaking.
5) It is used as food additives and inedible directly.
Origin: Jining City, Shandong Province, China