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Beef Flavor 6201

Product name and Model :Beef Flavor 6201
Ingredients: Cornstarch, Salt, Glucose,Silica, Beef , Food flavorings, VE.
Property: White, powder; With distinctive flavor of braised beef ; beef brisket flavor is strong and remarkable; It manages to set beef flavor, spicy flavor and fat flavor integration.
Specification: 10kg×2bags.
Net weight: 20kg
Applications and additives: Widely used in powder sachet for instant noodles and other seasonings.
1) Powder sachet for instant noodles :3-6% ; well mixed with other ingredients.
2) Dosage in other seasoning is subject to the result of experiment and you can use it well mixed with other ingredients before added in foods.
1) Well mixed with other ingredients when the product is used in powder sachet for instant noodles.
2) Well mixed with other ingredients when the product is used in seasonings.
Storage and Shelf life: Under cool ,dry and ventilated condition for 12 months
1) Stored below the temperature of 25℃, keep in cool and dry conditions, be prohibited to transport or stored with harmful ,poisonous goods or with strong irritation smell.
2) Please use it as soon as possible after opening, if you can not use it out at one time, please keep the left sealed in time from deterioration.
3) There might be dark in color or slight clumped in shelf life .It belongs to normal phenomenon and will not affect the flavor of the products. You can use it normally after shaking or sieving.
4)The product belongs to food additive and inedible directly .
Origin: Jining Shandong China.